Audi RS 7

The Audi RS7.

The Audi RS 7 comes into the world not so much unveiled as unleashed. A sleek, powerful presence of sophisticated design and roaring performance makes it clear that this is an unmistakable, undisguised automotive statement. At 560 hp, through a turbocharged 4.0-liter TFSI® V8 engine, it brings thundering performance, and with quattro® all-wheel drive with sportdiff erential and RS 7 tuned Audi adaptive air suspension or an available DRC® suspension system, that power is never unrefined. We designed it to sit slightly lower to the ground, and added larger air intakes and a sportier chin spoiler to give it an even sharper sense of fl uidity. Finally, the available sport exhaust brings the thunderous sonic punch of a true performer.

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Audi RS 7

The potency of the Audi RS 7

The potency of the Audi RS 7, in style and in performance, is unmistakable, even at fi rst glance. But that’s not to say there are no surprises. With cylinder on demand™ engine effi ciency technology, which shuts down four cylinders when power and out-and-out performance are not required, the RS 7 has the ability to use less fuel when it’s engaged.2 The RS 7 is luxury performance personifi ed, with signature Audi fi t and fi nish throughout the interior, technology to spare and style to burn. It is desire in its most stunning form


Power when you need it most

The 4.0-litre V8 TFSI engine features Le Mans winning fuel-injection technology which enhances efficiency, power and torque, making it capable of taking you from 0-62mph in up to 3.7 seconds.

However, high performance doesn’t necessarily equate to higher fuel consumption. Advanced cylinder-on-demand technology automatically shuts down four of eight cylinders when they’re not needed – for example, when coasting at constant speed on the motorway or in city traffic – so you’ll benefit from the efficiency of a car with a smaller engine. But once you reach the open road, the full power of the V8 engine is ready and waiting.

Audi RS 7
Audi RS 7
Audi RS 7
Audi RS 7
Audi RS 7


The list of things that can bring a man to tears just got one line longer with the new Audi RS 7 performance. When you have the chance to press the pedal down on this boosted, four-door sportback, don’t forget the tissues.


4.0-liter V8 TFSI engine with Audi cylinder on demand technology*

Eight-speed tiptronic

Permanent quattro four wheel drive with self-locking center differential

19" RS braking system with wave brake discs on front and rear axles

20" ceramic brakes (optional)

RS adaptive air suspension

RS sports chassis plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) (optional)

RS sports exhaust system (optional)

Dynamic Package Plus, including increased maximum speed of 305 km/h*

* Electronically regulated

Additional features in the RS 7 Sportback performance:

RS multifunction sports steering wheel in leather

LED headlamps

21" cast aluminum wheels**

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